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Vending Machines

The strenghts of our MIDA vending machines

Bicom’s vending machines have unparalleled features and can act as a 24-hour “kitchen” in any location:

  • our vending machines are compatible with a huge variety of food and packaging characteristics;
  • every machine can handle up to approximately 100 different meals at the same time;
  • every single vending machine has a special microwave oven with customizable functions;
  • there is a safe food preservation system and a special online tool for constant storage temperature monitoring on computers, tablets and smartphones;
  • our vending machines are user friendly and they offer rapid reconstitution of both fresh and frozen food;
  • the touchscreens on our Mida machines present information about the products and then show advertisements during the waiting times for the meals;
  • every single dish has its own, individual heating programme to bring out all of its distinctive qualities and flavours.

M300T / M200T

Vending Machines MIDA

Mida units are the quintessential Bicom vending machines. They were specially conceived and designed to store and dispense fresh and frozen ready meals.
The special microwave ovens ensure that the dishes are served at the right temperature.

There are two Mida models:

M300T 27’’ 16:9 Full HD
M200T 15.5’’ 4:3


Maximum height 1930 mm
Width 1335 mm *
Depth 1000 mm
Weight 360 kg

* with cutlery dispenser +150 mm

Vending Machines


M1 is an automatic, cost-effective, comprehensive and hygienically monitored canteen service, designed for all company gathering places and communal areas in general.


Maximum height 1652 mm
Width 600 mm
Depth 640 mm
Refrigerated Storage Area Weight 75 kg
Totem Weight 25 kg

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