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Food Vending Machines with technological personality

In a world where everyone wants to eat well, healthy and at the same time fast and handy, Bicom Vending offers the perfect blend of quality cuisine and practicality: Vending Machines for highly innovative hot or cold foods.

Bicom machines are designed and built to dispense hot or cold food at a perfect temperature.

High hygienic standards ensure the perfect preservation of food in order to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of each dish, with the perfect heating set on each product.

We design and manufacture Food Vending Machine for you.

We sell all over the world our Vending Machines designed and manufactured in Italy.

Pasta cap by Barilla, Bicom Vending Machines

3 key strengths of Bicom Vending Machines.

  1. Adaptability to any type of packaging
  2. Compatibility with any food characteristic
  3. Ability to handle up to 100 dishes at the same time

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