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M1 is the automatic, low-cost, hygienically controlled and complete canteen service designed for all corporate communities and aggregation sites.


A simple and clever system consisting of:

  • Interactive totem that allows the choice of meals;
  • It can be equipped with payment systems;
  • Refrigerated warehouse unit that keeps the meals at a controlled temperature -18 ° c and also delivers them;
  • Data management software capable of collecting in real time the data of its vending machines network;
  • Remote control: an advanced technology that enables telemetry and remote assistance in real-time.

Vending Machines M1 ideal for small offices


  • The user inserts an ID badge or credit into a special device.
  • The totem displays the actual products in the refrigerated warehouse, with information about ingredients, nutrition facts and other data.
  • After reviewing the menu, the user chooses and takes the selected product.



B-Cloud is the on-line management software that provides real time information and data about the vending machines:

  • consumptions
  • sales
  • products in stock
  • inventory management reporting
  • supply planning reporting


The software also permits to handle a schedule of commercials that can be distribute on each machine of one’s own network and allows to plan the singles advertisements to be played on the screen of each machine while waiting for the product to be delivered

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