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MIDA M300T / M200T


M300T / M200T

Vending Machines MIDA

Mida has been thought and designed for the storage and delivery of pre-cooked fresh or frozen meals.


  • Adaptability of vending machines to the most varied food and packaging features, to meet the requirements of the food they keep and deliver.
  • Our Midas can handle up to a hundred different dishes at the same time.
  • Our Vending machines are equipped with a special microwave oven whose settings can be customized to valorise the peculiarity and flavour of each dish.
  • It can be equipped with payment systems.
  • The specific online management program, through PC, tablet or smartphone allows to monitor continuously the maintaining temperature, ensuring a safe storage of the dishes.
  • On their touch screen, our Midas show product information and, while waiting for the meal to be heaten, they play commercials.

How it works

After the meal is chosen, selected and heated, the dish is served to the consumer.

All the operations take place without the food coming into contact with the outside, ensuring a perfect hygiene while keeping all the freshness of the dish.


The storage temperature of the food is customizable and can be adjusted according to the different needs, in order to preserve at best a wide range of different foods: it can be set from + 4 ° for the storage of fresh food; to – 18 ° for freezer mode.

Each MIDA is equipped with an insulated storage unit that safely preserves the stocked foods.



B-Cloud is the on-line management software that provides real time information and data about vending machines:

  • Consumptions
  • Sales
  • Products in stock
  • Inventory management reporting
  • Supply planning reporting


The software also permits to handle a schedule of commercials that can be distribute on each machine of one’s own network and allows to plan the singles advertisements to be played on the screen of each machine while waiting for the product to be delivered


Thanks to an intuitive screen, customers can easily choose the dish they want to eat only with a simple touch.
The chosen meal passes from the insulated storage unit to our special microwave oven integrated in the vending machine


In the event of a network failure, a UPS guarantees the continuity of machine control operations, ensuring network mode.


MIDA can also be provided with an automatic dispenser that, depending on the selected product, delivers cutlery and napkins.


Thanks to a barcode reader, product loading operations are quicker: the code is automatically read and inserted into the management software.

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