Who we are

The Italian company that brings the highest quality and innovative standards to automatic catering.

How the First Bicom Vending Machine was born

At the end of the 90’s in the straight heart of Emilia, engineer Maurizio Barbieri began to think about a new way of conceive the automatic distribution of hot meals.

The first success happened in 2005 when, after various studies and experiments, Bicom presented the first model of “Break” at the exhibition fair of Genoa.

Nowadays Bicom designs, builds and sells vending machines around the world, bringing technology and innovation “made in Italy” out of the Italian borders: Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Our Goal

Today, Bicom aims to carry on in the constant search for innovative solutions in the field of automated distribution by working together with clients as partners and adapting everyday more to the needs of end customers who want to eat well and healthy.

Are you a food producer aiming to increase the distribution of your food?

We customize the machines according to your needs


Design and build Vending machines that guarantee maximum hygiene, excellent conservation and perfect heating of the products, keeping all the organoleptic characteristics of each dish

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