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Easy to manage and control in remote mode

Easy to integrate with your own platform

Easy to transport and position even in small spaces

Dimensions 108×75 cm
Height 185 cm
Weight 400 kg
Boxes 48
Boxes size 27×25 cm
Boxes height 12 cm
Touch screen 10,4” – 4:3  / PCAP

1. Cube Locker is a vending machine with drawers to supply products of every shape and consistency, even those that cannot be delivered by regular spiral vending machines.

2. The only vending machine with two product withdrawal sides, so the capacity doubles.

3. Interface with all digital platforms, so the customer can purchase products through the app and pick them up with a simple booking code

Cube Locker is suitable for those companies which need to provide canteen service, apartment blocks and strategic places to deliver grocery shopping.

Thanks to a software algorithm, customers will be notified about the most suitable time of withdrawal to avoid queuing and unnecessary crowding.

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