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Who we are

Bicom developed a new outlook on automatic meal vending

The innovative technology behind Bicom vending machines is the brainchild of Maurizio Barbieri, an engineer with vast experience in the field of automation.

Working in the heart of the Emilia area in Italy in the late 1990s, Barbieri began to contemplate new approaches to automatic hot meal vending. After a series of studies and trials, Bicom presented its first Mida 100 machine at Cologne exhibition centre in 2005.
Bicom now designs, makes and sells machines all over the world. While its innovations and technology are “made in Italy”, they have travelled far beyond the country’s borders to places such as Asia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and other locations in the Middle East.

Bicom has helped to develop and foster a new outlook on automatic meal vending. In doing so, it has achieved a significant goal by providing people with the opportunity to eat good, healthy food during their lunch breaks instead of unwholesome take-away products.

Bicom’s objective today is to keep up its constant quest for innovative automatic vending solutions.

Our mission

Bicom aims to provide vending machines that guarantee maximum hygiene, outstanding preservation and perfect heating of products, while ensuring that the sensory properties of each meal remain intact.

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