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MIDA M300T / M200T

M300T / M200T

Vending Machines MIDA

Bicom’s vending machines have unparalleled features and can act as a 24-hour “kitchen” in any location:

  • our vending machines are compatible with a huge variety of food and packaging characteristics;
  • every machine can handle up to approximately 100 different meals at the same time;
  • every single vending machine has a special microwave oven with customizable functions;
  • there is a safe food preservation system and a special online tool for constant storage temperature monitoring on computers, tablets and smartphones;
  • our vending machines are user friendly and they offer rapid reconstitution of both fresh and frozen food;
  • the touchscreens on our Mida machines present information about the products and then show advertisements during the waiting times for the meals;
  • every single dish has its own, individual heating programme to bring out all of its distinctive qualities and flavours.

How do they work

The food stays in the vending machine throughout all of the stages, never coming into contact with the outside world. This guarantees perfect hygiene and keeps the dishes fresh.

The meals are chosen, selected and heated, then served to the consumers.



Every MIDA vending machine has an insulated unit for safe food storage. The storage temperature can be adjusted to suit different needs and guarantee optimum preservation of the various foods. It can go from +4°C for simple storage to -18°C for frozen items.



The B-Cloud online management system can provide users with information about their vending machines at any time, including details of consumption, sales and items in stock. Reports are also available on stock management and restocking plans.
B-Cloud makes it simple to control temperatures not only on site but also remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
The software can also be used to plan and manage scheduled advertising for all of the machines in a network. The advertisements are shown to consumers on the vending machine screens when they wait for products.



The user-friendly touchscreen allows consumers to select a dish with a simple tap. The chosen meal will be transferred from the insulated unit to the special microwave oven that is built into the vending machine.


In the event of a mains power failure, an uninterruptible power supply ensures that it is still possible to control the machines and keep the online systems working.



Mida machines can be fitted with an automatic dispenser that provides cutlery and napkins for use with the chosen products when appropriate.


A barcode reader helps to speed up the product loading process: the codes are automatically read and entered in the management system.

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