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Vending Machines – M1

Vending Machine M1

M1 is an automatic, cost-effective, comprehensive and hygienically monitored canteen service.

It is a simple, convenient system with the following features:
Interactive kiosk: used for selecting meals, it can be fitted with payment and customer identification systems.

Refrigerated storage area: it stores the meals at a controlled temperature of -18°C and dispenses them.

Data management software: it gathers the consumption data from all of the user’s vending machines in real time.

Remote control: cutting-edge technology for real-time telemetry and remote assistance.

It has been designed and produced for offices, canteens, gyms and all company gathering places and communal areas.

Vending Machines M1 ideal for small offices



  • The user inserts credit or an ID card into a special reader.
  • The kiosk displays the products that are available in the refrigerated storage area, with information about the ingredients, nutrition facts and other details.
  • Having perused the menu, the user selects a product and withdraws it.

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